Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Profile : Land Rover Company

Ford-owned Land Rover originated in 1948 as a part of the British automaker, Rover. Designer Maurice Wilks based his concept, the Series I, on an American World War II Jeep vehicle.

Rover was later purchased by the European Leyland Motor Limited which would change its name to British Leyland. When the company was nationalized, Land Rover became its own brand, Land Rover Leyland Group. The now Rover Group would be purchased by BMW in 1995 where, after several years of trying to invigorate the company, sold Land Rover to Ford Motor Co. in 2000.

Land Rover is part of Fords' Premier Automotive Group which includes such marques as Jaguar and Volvo. Aston Martin, which had been a part of the group, was recently sold to a consortium led by Prodrive.

The first Land Rover to debut in the U.S. was the Range Rover. After its arrival in 1970, the all-new Land Rover Discovery went on sale two years afterwards. Under BMW's owner, Land Rover acquired its more luxurious status which continues to this day. The SUV boom in the '90s added to its popularity.

Besides the Range Rover and Discovery, other well-known Rovers include the Freelander and the Defender. The automaker debut its first concept vehicle, the Range Stormer, at the 2004 North American International Auto show.

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